My scribus corner

Here is my little web page with my scribus stuff.

Despite this page is rather empty, Scribus is really a killer-app : a close to professionnal DTP software. Go and have a look at Scribus webpage

You'll find here some stuff I made for Scribus as well as some links to other ressources about Scribus

The CD cover creation script

This is a python script I made to create CD cover template using CDDB. The features are :

The usage is quite simple :


This script depends on Scribus and Tkinter. Both should be installed if you already use Scribus.

But you will also need the python-cddb module. You can download from source on it's webpage or install it via your distro's packaging feature :


You can get the python script here. Put it in your ~/.scribus/scripts directory and use the script menu in Scribus to run it

Some documentation

You'll find here some little docs I write about Scribus or other tools useful with Scribus.

Following documents are available :


Here are some links about Scribus :